This morning all went pretty smoothly, although Aiden did raise the subject of his missing book a couple of times, they didn’t lead to any incidents. We have a book which we can write messages in for the school to read. It’s to save us having to change our routine as Auden goes into school, so rather than talking about anything important we want then to know, we can just write a quick note in the book. So, I scribbled a short missive outlining that Aiden got very upset due to his reading book being absent from his school bag, and advised them to locate it early on, preferably before Aiden raises it. When I picked him up for out brief Wednesday time together, his TA came out an thanked me for the heads up in the comms book. They did find his book quickly, ad hadn’t realised it had been left out, as it had a tray placed upon it, hiding it from sight. So disaster was averted at school 🙂
I didn’t do much today, to be fair I was pretty much washed out from yesterday, as it was a high stress evening.
The extra time I have with Aiden on a Wednesday was also cut short today, as Paige felt sick so didn’t feel like attending Tennis club this evening. This meant that the school rang her mum to pick her up, and they caught up with me and Aiden as we were 3/4 of the way home (after a jolly adventure in the rain, we were genuinely enjoying ourselves).
So that signalled the beginning of another Long Lonely Stint, let’s hope work proves up to the task of providing an adequate distraction tomorrow. In the meantime here is a quick picture of Aiden’s sunflower growing in the window sill 🙂

Odi et amo………..Excrucior

Stay Slinky People,