Well that’s day 1 of the Long Lonely Stint done with. Work looks like it’s going to be a great help, as it’s really busy and they’ve asked if I’ll help out another team, so that should stop me getting too concerned about the lack of little ones for a while 🙂
There wasn’t really anything news worthy that occurred today, I had a couple of good meetings and that’s about it…….. Oh and the important communication tool I’d set up last week to enable things to transition smoothly during this period of change at work, didn’t get used, well what a waste. Already there are grumbling a occurring and a plummeting of morale. If only someone higher up the food chain had spent all of 2 minutes writing a short article (as I’d clearly suggested), things would have been a little better. Now despite being ready way ahead of schedule it’s looking as if the next issue of the newsletter is going to be late, as I continue to wait for 1 little article………..

Odi et amo………..Excrucior

Stay Slinky People,