The little ones had a great sleep last night and woke up very happy, so we had a great start to the day. Along with a fun journey to school. It amused me when Aiden went into school as it was almost as if he had an honour guard of Teaching Assistants waiting to welcome him. Along with the 2 TA’s that specifically look after him, the other 2 TA’s for the class in General were there, and they all made a fuss of him as he walked in (and it was noted that he had his special spikey hair today hehehe).
I did very little during the day, a fair but of reading was about the most exciting part. Eventually it was time to collect Aiden for our Wednesday bonus time while Paige was at an after school club. At first Aiden was bemoaning the fact that we had to walk again, again that odd conversation about cars came up (which I suspect has been planted). However in very short time he was overjoyed with our walk as it became an adventure. In fact he ran quite a bit of the journey and we got back in very good time. I think the good weather really helped, but given that he did so much running I expected to have to carry him towards the end, but he managed it all easily. Obviously once home I had to reward him with a game on Minecraft, and at his insistence I had to join in as well 🙂
Now just a short wait and 2 sessions at work until they’re back with me again 😉

Odi et amo………..Excrucior

Stay Slinky People,