Well to quote a post from last week, That Escalated Quickly…….!
So a busy day at work, although a lovely friend there gifted me a Skykander for the little ones – they’re going to be overjoyed tomorrow!
I ended working late, mainly because I won’t be able to go in tomorrow, so I put some extra hours tonight.
However that said I ended up on the bus with a good friend that I work with. He’s getting married soon, and I was invited to his Stag Do…….. But it’s this weekend so ages ago I informed it was a no go. I like him, but not more than my kids 🙂
He was fine with this, but we both worked late tonight and this weekend was clearly on his mind, so he asked if I would mind joining him for a drink this evening.
Hehehe it turned pretty epic from there on in. Ok so we didn’t have loads to drink, but it was a thoroughly enjoyable evening, and we had a great catch up, in fact we came away having sooooo much in common it was laughable 🙂
I was proud to have started his stag do early 😉

Odi et amo………..Excrucior

Stay Slinky People,