Another warning, it’s going to be picture heavy again 🙂
But that’s only because we go out have grand adventures……… Ok maybe they are only brief walks out and about (in this case along the footpaths, bridle ways and woods close by), but to the little ones they are epic adventures, and they throw themselves into them and enjoy the freedom of being outdoors, do I’m more than happy with that 😉
We did go along a familiar old route today, it’s the path we took at the beginning of the year to test out everyone’s Wellies, when we had our grand muddy adventure. Obviously this time with the brilliant sunshine beaming once again Wellies were not needed, but shorts certainly were again.
It seems funny that when I started the big adventures with them both most of it was taken up with how far Aiden would be able to walk, nowadays that never really comes up, in fact today he did lots of running. And we all enjoyed a run together down a steep hill (hand in hand of course just to prevent the inevitable stumble).
Well here’s the pictures, and once again the hovel is horribly quiet, we had lots of cuddles this afternoon, and Paige and I once again shared and epic Sunday roast dinner. (NB a word of warning, it would appear the WordPress App has been updated & the picture uploaded is proving problematic (I’ve attempted it 3 times thus far), so I’ll upload as many as I can)

Odi et amo………..Excrucior

Stay Slinky People,