Well that was epically busy day at work, I spent a considerable portion of the day fighting with IT help desk to get access to a critical system (all I needed was a damn password reset, and that was only because they had locked my account!). This was an open call from last week, and some idiot was trying claim that it was completed, despite my repeated highlighting and evidence that it clearly wasn’t, as I still couldn’t log on. Fortunately I’m good friends (and currently sit opposite) a former (and soon to be back there) IT manager, so I unleashed hell on them. However it still most of the day to sort out. Now that is in part due to the fact that I always end up being set up on systems as a somewhat unique creation. It’s all down to the fact that I’m more than happy to get any technical work done, so I end up with with unique almost off the grid profiles being created. But hey, if people want me to do the work, they need to give me access to the systems, it’s a pretty simple equation 🙂
Well needless to say I ended up working pretty late today just to catch up after all the IT shenanigans……… But I didn’t have cause to call in at the pub on the way home like last Thursday. Speaking of which I was a little perturbed by the effects of the few drinks I had last Thursday. Now I’m no lightweight when it comes to drinking, it’s just always been an innate skill, combined with a little tactical drinking when required. However last Thursday I felt the effects whilst drinking with a friend early on. It wasn’t an issue, I adjusted accordingly and eased up, but I couldn’t figure out why. So today I confessed to a few people my shame at the onset of dawning lightweight-dom (hey it’s UK, we take pride in our ability to drink, even those if us that so rarely imbibe). I was questioned about what Beverage I had been enjoying, I happily pointed out that I was partaking of particularly tasty and delightful beverage known as Old Rosey. It turns out, at least from the 3 separate independent sources I spoke to, one of them a hard drinking northerner too, that Old Rosey has a reputation as a brain scrambler, and that you’re lucky to make it past 1 pint and still be coherent………… Needless to say I can once more hold my head high in light of this news 😉
(NB please note (& how sad it is that I feel the need to put this important note here), this entry in no way indicates a drinking problem, in fact my average alcohol consumption for any given recent year would still barely exceed 2 units per month, in fact my consumption of alcohol very often borders on teetotal which harks back to my 9 year completely dry spell – of my own volition of course. I’m merely relating for comedic narrative an observation. It should also be noted that during this particular incident and any others previously mentioned my children were not in my care, and any time I did have responsibility for them was long after the alcohol would have exited my system) – there that should provide adequate cover :-/

Odi et amo………..Excrucior

Stay Slinky People,