Today was great fun, we started off the day on good form with both little ones happy, and I got plenty of hugs before school. The trip to school was very pleasant and without incident too.
The big part of the day came around in the early afternoon though, just after lunchtime. I was off to help out at Aiden’s school sports day. Now whilst yet again many of the the other parents that were either helping out like me, or just attending the sports day insist on treating me as a pariah, it didn’t bother me. For me it was more important that all the kids sort I was great and had fun. I had been tasked with manning one of the 4 water stops which each of the 24 teams passed through on the “round robin” of activities. I think it was safe to day that my water stop was the most fun. As each team came in (they were all named after animals, which I know they all had to research – Aiden was in Coyote team), I would ask what team name they were, an then get them tell lots of facts about the animals. The activity straight after my water stop was a traditional egg & spoon challenge, so after announcing this each time I always got the children to hold their arms out, and asked if anyone had a shaky/wobbly arm, as that wouldn’t be good for the egg & spoon. This always got lots of giggles, even from quite a few of the parents that were following the teams around 🙂
I did get a brief chance to follow Aiden’s team towards the end of the day, and he was enjoying himself, plus his team were really supportive of him, which was just great to see. So I only really have 1 usable picture from today.
Tomorrow I’m not at work as I’ve got the chance to help walk Paige’s class to their 1st swimming lesson, so I’ll get to see Paige for some bonus time, which will put off the onset of the latest Long Lonely Stint 🙂

Odi et amo………..Excrucior

Stay Slinky People,