Today was a bit of a gamble, but as it turns out, it was absolutely the right thing to do. I’d managed to get the day off work in order to help Paige’s school/class with their swimming lesson. And by help it was largely be a responsible adult (ha me!) and help walk the children to and from the swimming pool, and be a “spotter” at the poolside (actually via a balcony, but you get to have horn which you sound in case any trouble).
As usual I was the only Dad that had shown an interest in volunteering, and therefore I was something of a novelty, but my little friends from the airport trip remembered me, ad we had plenty of laughs during the walk. As I was also the “extra” body I always made sure I was the body that went out into the roads to make sure the line of kids could cross safely 🙂
Paige was of course really pleased and excited to see me, and for me watching her 1st proper swimming lesson was pretty epic. She’s in the non swimmer group with about half a dozen others (some of the kids must be part fish, when they were “qualifying” for the groups they were going to be in they streaked through the water). It was interesting to see how they go about teaching swimming, they was lots of getting them comfortable in the water today. One thing I found slightly odd is that they only seem to teach Front Crawl (or Freestyle) as the stroke to use. Now many moons ago when I learned to swim at school it was Breaststroke first – I never got past into Front Crawl, but I did pretty much master Breaststroke, which means I can pretty much motor along. So I’m a big fan of that swimming stroke, and because to me it seems the more energy efficient and easier stroke to learn. That was the only thing that I found unusual though.
So once the swimming was done and we had safely walked the children back to school, we all got a thank you from the teacher and kids. Paige’s teacher also asked that if there’s any way I can make myself available for the other lessons, it would be a great help. So I’m off into work tomorrow to see what arrangements I can make.
I see it as important for a number of reasons, firstly – I get to spend a little extra time with Paige, secondly – it’s great to watch her progress with an important skill, thirdly – my “stock” at the school has risen quite a bit by making this little bit of effort.
Well obviously I didn’t take any pictures, that would have led to all sorts of issues, but I do instead have a picture of Aiden’s growing sunflower, which has shot up dramatically 🙂

Odi et amo………..Excrucior

Stay Slinky People,