A good day today 🙂
Although the weather has been pretty miserable, meaning we weren’t able to adventure outside 😦 I was tempted to take the little ones out for a wander in the wind and rain, but I was pretty sure that Auden really wouldn’t have been very keen on the idea, so figured I wouldn’t risk it :-/
Clearly there were lots of cuddles and giggles, and singing and dancing today as we watched a few films (Happy Feet 2 leading to the extended episode of singing and dancing, ad I have to say Pink’s version of Under Pressure is pretty epic!) there was also a bit if Minecraft today (both playing and watching).
The day didn’t get off to a particularly auspicious start though. There double tears when they arrived, and Aiden was particularly upset because he wanted a particular toy that he hadn’t brought with him, and I think Paige just felt like joining in. Eventually Aiden was persuaded to come in, and he soon ran into the living room and threw his shows and coat off, within a very short space of time it was all forgotten about.
They’re now busy snoring, and it’s nice to have some background noise in the hovel once again 🙂

Odi et amo………..Excrucior

Stay Slinky People,