Another day with the little ones, so it was all good. Unfortunately we’ve had nothing but rain all day. However I took an executive decision I border to fend off starvation and cabin fever, and we ventured out to the shops.
Ok so it wasn’t an epic adventure, but every walk out and about is adventuresome us. And this time we were back to playing secret agents. We had Agent P, Agent A and Agent Big Daddy D. Agent P and Agent A spent a lot if time attempting to find the ultra secret Agent X (who inexplicably changed his moniker to Agent S at the halfway point when Aiden started talking about Sonic the Hedgehog).
We were well wrapped up against the wind and rain.
I had promised them some small reward from the trip, so we didn’t manage to make it around the supermarket without visiting the toy section this time. But a couple of small Spiderman toys and a cuddly toy did the job 🙂
We made it back before lunch (after a quick stop off at out favourite little fruit & veg shop, and yep strawberries had to be purchased again), but the walk in the wind and rain seemed to have taken it out of them, and they were both quite tired out this afternoon. It didn’t prevent some films and Minecraft games though.
Well just 1 day for work to distract me until they’re back again, let’s hope it’s a good day at work tomorrow 😉

Odi et amo………..Excrucior

Stay Slinky People,