Well weather wise it was a lovely start to summer today, Paige spent plenty of time outside, mostly playing with her Grandad. I wasn’t able to join her, as Aiden was pretty much up all of last night and I was by his side, cleaning up a fair amount of vomit 🙂
It’s always tough wen your little ones are poorly, and to be fair Autism dies another aspect to it, mainly over the ease of communicating, but also because hen poorly (like the rest of us are) Aiden does have a much shorter fuse. The main way this manifests itself is if people are making any noise – he will demand quiet, or if someone happens to touch him, he’ll just tell them off for it.
So as mentioned before it was pretty much no sleep last night, and I left Aiden in his pyjamas all day – including for the road trip home. Although a change of pyjamas was required this evening when once again vomited all over them.
I’ve been required to do lots if hand and foot rubbing for him today, and also trying to get him to just take little sips of water has been a challenge. With all that said though I do think there was an improvement in him towards the end of the day. But it’s clear they will be no school for him tomorrow, but maybe he’ll be better by Tuesday.
Well it’s 21-30 and it’s looking like I’m going to have to submit to the carefully laid ambush that lack of sleep has set for me. I’m hoping for a good easy going day at work tomorrow, it’s been a great weekend, but last night and today were pretty tough 🙂
He’s a picture I snapped of poorly little boy 😦

Odi et amo………..Excrucior

Stay Slinky People,