Despite the torrential rain this morning (and the fact we were offered a lift) our trip to school was still fun. Aiden’s TA had told me yesterday that he needed to bring a toy in today as they were all going to talk and write about their toys. After much consideration Aiden opted to take his Ben10 Ultimate Spider Monkey (a big gorilla with spider legs). It was funny watching Aiden deep in thought as he tried to decide which toy to take 🙂
I’d arranged to go into work today to sort out some stuff, so straight after the school run I made my way there. Now I was only actually there a couple of hours at most (an I got the work done), but I didn’t notice a call on my mobile. I only realised I’d got a missed call when I got home this afternoon (shortly before needing to head off to collect Aiden for bonus time – Paige is still participating in an after school club). It was as I noticed this missed call that I also saw Aiden’s (security) blanket on the sofa, meaning he didn’t have it with him – Oops!
Sure enough when I got to school his TA managed to sneak out and speak to me. Apparently Aiden had got a little perturbed that he didn’t have his blanket, but he went along with his TA to try phoning me, and when I didn’t answer she explained to him that I must be busy at work. And amazingly he was fine with this and never mentioned it again, he seemed more than happy that an effort had been made, so carried on without his blanket! He didn’t even tell me off about it when we were walking home 😀
Great stuff!

Odi et amo………..Excrucior

Stay Slinky People,