So today I was going to be enjoying a little but of bonus time with Paige, as I helped out her class with their swimming lesson. There had been an urgent request sent round yesterday as they were very short of helpers, so Paige’s mum ha agreed to be at the pool as a spotter for the lesson. This actually turned out to be quite fortuitous…………..
There was only myself and one other parent to help the teacher and TA walk the class to the swimming pool (it takes about 15 minutes, ad at times is like herding cats hehehe). I always do my usual and put myself in the middle of the road to stop traffic when the kids have to cross. 5 minutes into the walk and I was doing road crossing duty, Paige was quite near the front I the group holding hands with a friend as part of the pairing up. Suddenly there was a commotion and a pile children. I’d spotted what had just happened but was torn between running to the incident and making sure the rest of the kids crossed safely. I battled instinct and waited for everyone to cross.
Then I ran to the commontion, as it was caused by Paige and her partner falling over. As always seems the case Paige came out far worse than anyone else, she had properly smacked into the pavement with her head and face 😦
The first aid kit came out, and it was lucky Daddy was in hand as that was what she wanted. Lots of tears ad grazes and a little blood. Her friend managed to get away with just a grazed knee. It took a good 10 minutes for the first aid to be administered (in my arms), so the class was very late for their swimming lesson.
Obviously the teacher was very worried about Paige, but I hung onto her and carried her to the leisure centre, knowing that if she needed to go home, her mum was on hand with the car. Which is what were able to do, Paige was in quite a bad way, but I’ve since heard that she has been checked out by a doctor, and just has to kept an eye on for 24 hours – the dangers of suspected concussion 😦
I stayed at the swimming pool to help out with the lesson ad the walk back, but it wasn’t the same without my little girl there :-/
Rather morbidly I managed to take a picture, largely because the grandparents would be worried when I told them (and as it turns out Nanny fell over today at about the same time as Paige – we’ve compared notes).

Odi et amo………..Excrucior

Stay Slinky People,