After a very pleasant walk in the heavy rain this morning (including a trip to my favourite little fruit & veg shop), I decided to knuckle down and get some writing done. My plan was to launch the Coke Character story, with a view to starting up a blog to publish it……….. Well as I haven’t shared a new blog link, you can guess how it went. That’s not to say it was a total waste though. I did write 3 different openings for it, and after coming to the end of each one I realised that I didn’t like them. None of them had the right feel, or led me in the right direction, so I deleted them…….
At least I now know 3 ways not to start my story off 🙂 It may sound really odd, to does that time in something only to destroy it. But after getting the words written the life of the story wasn’t there for me. I’ll know when I get the right one, and then hopefully the rest will flow easily.
It wasn’t all a complete loss, I also went old school and actually bits down in a book, I’ve got a page for each character at the moment ad will keep jotting down notes for them and adding more characters as I go along, it’s almost like I’m planning this story properly 🙂
So after not managing to write anything worthy, it was nice to be treated to an airshow, as there were a number of spitfires about in the skies nearby, enabling me to enjoy their acrobatic antics from the Hovel.
That’s been it for today, I have an exciting adventure planned for tomorrow the details of which I may share on the morrow………

Odi et amo………..Excrucior

Stay Slinky People,