Not a particularly good day today, especially as the comedy god Rik Mayall has died. I like to think I’m from the generation that grew up with him as a comedy inspiration, in genuinely saddened by the news 😦
I also experienced, for the first time since returning to work, the feeling of struggling to motivate myself to go into work today. I had plenty of sleep last night, but wen it came time to get going for work, exhaustion settled like a sodden blanket over me. This only further increased the dread with which I faced work today.
Obviously today was supposed to be the definitive day of change at work, with me moving to the new team properly (it was supposed to have been last week, but there were some major organisational and communication errors). However once again there were the same old errors. Now I could have thrown myself into it and blitz through the issues, choosing to carry myself through the storm of incompetence, but strangely enough I couldn’t find the enthusiasm or motivation to do it. After all I’m off to do a role that I’ve openly pointed out many times is utterly soul destroying. The one thug U did find out for sure is that the expectation is for me to do this soul work for only 70% of the time, I’m graciously being allowed 30% of the time to continue to do tasks way beyond my measly pay grade. Again I can foresee some serious motivational issues………
So I kept my head down and continued with the pile of other genuine work I still have. It did amuse me when some other people questioned me about my job change. They asked if I had been offered the job, it just told to do it. Pleading the 5th amendment seemed to answer their question adequately, as they seemed confused by my “choice” of move 🙂
I also received a message from Aiden’s school today, due to some severe weather (which I missed today while at work), and from the weekend, the school is badly flooded. This means that there is currently no school for Aiden, so I’ll have him all day tomorrow, and likely Wednesday as well 😉
Although tomorrow morning I’m off to a paediatrician appointment with him – just his regular progress update, no doubt the Big Book of Autism will come out again, and they’ll try to diagnose him with a food allergy he clearly doesn’t have.

Odi et amo………..Excrucior

Stay Slinky People,