I’m properly tired out today, the morning went fairly well, there were a few tense moments when Auden was insistent that he was taking some toys into school (that’s a big no, for all children at the school, but especially Aiden, as he refuses to focus on anything else throughout the day). Despite my insistent telling him calmly that he couldn’t take the toys to school, he just replied “you’re giving me a headache”. We did eventually reach an agreement, I had to promise to play Skylanders with him after school during our bonus time – and he remembered it this afternoon 😀
Because I wasn’t entirely sure if his school would be open today, in light if recent flooding, I’d also got an adventure lined up for us. As it turned out the school was open, so I ventured alone into town to have a solo adventure, and managed to get back just in time for school pick up – aim shattered from all the walking today, but at least I’ve been outside all day 😉
Finally Paige had hidden away in her school bag a special silver award from school, so I grabbed a quick picture before school 😉

Odi et amo………..Excrucior

Stay Slinky People,