Work wasn’t particularly nice today, after being informed on Monday that I wouldn’t need to move desks, my new manager suddenly decided that I did need to today. I’ve been here before, seems to me to be one if these managers that likes to keep asserting their authority over people – in other words a bad one. Really it’s not hard you hard, ad one if the best maxims to learn is “Power with, not Power over” it yields far better results. I also had my 1st 1 to 1 meeting with them today, it shouldn’t have surprised me really, I have very definitive ideas as to what cox stirred a good 1 to 1. Those times are about generating good, open and honest conversations and developing your rapport with each other. They are not, not should they ever be a form filling exercise. I’ve been fortunate that my previous managers understood the underlying principles behind 1 to 1 meetings regularly……….
In the plus side though my old team got me a card ad a bottle of Kraken rum!!!!!!!!! There’s only 3 in the team, and I’ve only moved a couple of desk away from them – aren’t they good 🙂
I also forgot to mention that yesterday I received 3 individual compliments about my beard 🙂

Odi et amo………..Excrucior

Stay Slinky People,