A great day today (regardless of a very poor performance by the national football team collection of overpaid sportsmen). We went out for an adventure, which entailed a long walk to a park before a quick run around the supermarket and a casual call upon our favourite local fruit and veg retailer.
There was a point where I was getting increasingly annoyed with something that I shouldn’t have been. Aiden took it upon himself to insist that he had to step on every manhole cover and grate we passed (like I used to get him to do in order to get him to walk any distance). I found myself getting wound up by this and that obviously didn’t help things, finally I realised that it really didn’t matter, so what if it took us hours to get anywhere today, we had no deadline to hit, and the weather wasn’t too bad. I did feel pretty bad after this, as I shouldn’t have let myself get so miffed about it, still it’s easy to let one little thing get out of control 😦
Regardless thoughI did manage to take a few photographs, so I’ll just display them instead of waffling on any more 😉

Odi et amo………..Excrucior

Stay Slinky People,