Well I went to work, and as expected it was entreat uninspiring, still I managed to do what was expected of me without complaint. Although once again I made sure I didn’t actively pursue what was supposed to happen, and instead waited patiently for those that are supposedly at the correct pay grade to come and confirm where and what I needed to be doing. Of course had I been so inclined I would have got on with it at least 2 hours before they told me to, but that’s beyond my simple remit.
There was one really nice bit when I was required to go to a meeting for a group I’ve been a part of for some time, that also happens to be run by someone who gets it, and happens to be a very good manager. During this hour of joy it was nice to be appreciated and to have my input welcomed and actively sort out 🙂
That’s about the sum total of my day unfortunately, such is the joy of work currently. There are many things I could happily jump into and improve, but my manager doesn’t want me to do them, and I’m not going to push it, clearly they know how best to utilise my skill set, and far be for me to doubt their judgement………

Odi et amo………..Excrucior

Stay Slinky People,