Fortunately the morning all went without a hitch, ad our trip to school was nicely uneventful 🙂
As we were heading into school, Aiden asked if I was picking him up after school, which I was (Paige is still attending an after school club, so I still get bonus time with him on Wednesdays). He then asked if I would bring his push chair to collect him from school, so I agreed to.
Sure enough I took the push chair along to collect him at the end of the day and he was very happy. I fact we made it home in record time because we managed to get just ahead of the slow moving bulk of people. So once home Aiden and I set to larking about together, which ended up with him very excitedly playing Sonic the Hedgehog 🙂
And now we’re into the beginning of the Long Lonely Stint, and even worse for me is that I can’t rely on work to distract me in a nice way, as it’s still pretty shit at the moment. Now doubt it’ll be another unimpressive and soul destroying day there on the morrow 😦

Odi et amo………..Excrucior

Stay Slinky People,