Work was very unimpressive today, I turned up, which I guess is a bonus. There was a team meeting scheduled in today (the new team I’ve just joined, and U should point out that the team had another new member as well as me). When the scheduled time came round, nobody made a move……… Do myself and the other person both asked what was happening about the team meeting. The reply we received was that nobody else could really be bothered with it, and there really wasn’t any point I. Having it this week as there was nothing worth getting the team all together about……… Yep what a great way to welcome new members to the team. I was incredulous, previously my old team (and any team I’ve headed up), have always made sure we get together on a regular basis. Little think it’s important to get the team together and away from their desks for a short period every week, even if people don’t think they have anything to talk about, it serves a vital point in creating a high functioning successful team. Obviously you’d look to the manager to enforce this and provide some leadership…….. But they couldn’t be bothered either. Once again it’s way beyond my pay grade, so I have no interest whatsoever in sorting out this glaringly simple issue, frustration abounds!!!!
This evening however was the polar opposite, it’s everything a good team should be 🙂 Our Geek night group got together, which was epic 😉 One of out group has been – and still is, very ill (you don’t need the details), so it was good to get everyone together again. There obviously was no gaming, but sitting around chewing the fat is just as good sometimes, and besides it meant I didn’t need to feign a passing interest in some sporting event where overpaid, arrogant prima donnas get to represent our country on a world stage when clearly they have no interest or understanding of what in means to be selected to represent your country. If anyone doubts my sentiments just watch the national anthem segment before the matches, only one England player tends to sing with gusto and pride, Joe Hart is the only player worthy to wear the shirt, the others clearly don’t care. But hey as I mentioned I’m no football expert, just a keen observer of the human condition, and I never doubted our national team would fall short…….

Odi et amo………..Excrucior

Stay Slinky People,