I managed to make it through another day at work today……. Actually it was pretty easy today, not because I’ve had some grand epiphany about the job I’ve been stuck with, but because I was a little in the subversive side today. So there was supposed to be more training with those at a higher grade than me, to show me the day job, however they breezed into work fairly late on (I’d already clicked up 2 hours keeping myself busy). Next they largely ignored me, we only sit a few desks apart, and whilst the absolute correct thing for me to do was to actively seek them out and initiate said training myself, I figured that if those higher up the pay scale aren’t bothered, then why should I make the extra effort.
Fortunately I am still able to source important work which is much more suited to my skill set, so I just knuckled down and got on with loads of that.
I was also fortunate that most of the afternoon was taken up with a pretty decent development session/briefing, so again I didn’t need to do the soul destroying aspect of my job 🙂
Let’s hope Thursday is equally successful, however I’ve got a 1-2-1 (the previous of which wasn’t any sort of 1-2-1). But I feel I’ve given this an equal chance, and it isn’t suited to me, I get nothing from it, so I’ll be feeding this back in a constructive way to my new manager. Admittedly there’s a chance that this feedback will be badly received, but I’d rather approach it this way than dread all of my upcoming 1-2-1’s. If they’re even a half decent manager they will take it on board and look to adapt their style to get te best from me, if not, well we’ll just be destined to clash and eventually things will turn very sour indeed. I can be a very low maintenance high return staff member (which I have been so far), however I’m savvy enough to know what buttons to push and how to become a higher maintenance staff member – I can play that game if needs be. And besides given the way some people have been behaving at work recently (having unprofessional shouting matches in the middle of the office – complete with inappropriate language, and storming out of meetings) I know exactly what I’ll be able to get away with……….

Odi et amo………..Excrucior

Stay Slinky People,