Today was a surprisingly good day, sure there was some of the usual crap to go trough at work, and I didn’t get the chance to properly have the difficult conversation with my new manager that I was hoping to (but hey that’s what happens when you end up having a meeting in the middle of an office instead of behind closed doors), however I did manage to lay out a few of my concerns. Now for the most part these were brushed away, ad then I raised what I felt where important issues that need address within the team, they weren’t even acknowledged or made a note of. Still it’s progress of a sort I guess :-/
But that didn’t really matter I still think I had a great day. Firstly at work volunteers were required to go around the office and sell raffle tickets for a raffle being held this weekend (and there were some genuinely great prizes on offer), it’s all to raise money for Macmillan Cancer. Anyway I stepped up an agreed to have a wander round trying to sell tickets to people the day before payday. Fortunately I was joined by a good friend (hence forth referred to as CHF, for Curly Haired Fop………. Because he does indeed have Curly Hair, and well you can guess the rest), I should also point out that this is an abject lesson in things you shouldn’t say to a serial blogger tee hee. So CHF and myself set off an epic quest, we entered into hitherto unexplored regions of the office, in fact we visit some traditionally scary departments, and we didn’t hold out much hope of success. Now I like to think that it was a concerted effort on out behalf and the fact that we turned the charm up to 11 (at the very least), although it could also be because we gave away free stickers with each ticket purchase), but for about an hours tomfoolery we managed to raise about £60.
Both myself and CHF came out of it looking pretty heroic, and not only did we raise money for a good cause, but I got to avoid some soul destroying work for a little while 😉
So I’m rating my time at work today as enjoyable ad successful 😀
Then this evening we got our band of geeks together, and rather awesomely we had a special guest. The member of our group that callously deserted us a little while ago in order to pursue a great career opportunity with soft southerners returned for the evening. Now even though he’s a traitor and a splitter I was properly overjoyed to see him and catch up in person – but don’t let him know as I’ve still not forgiven the Judas for leaving hehehe.
As always out little evening soiree was good fun, even though we’re not gaming at the moment it’s great to get together. I even took along a small sample of the Blackberry Vodka, which went down surprisingly well, especially I was sure I’d ruined it with too much sugar syrup, but the response was very positive 🙂
I also received a missive informing me that Paige has been ill today, and won’t be going to school tomorrow, which means BONUS time with Daddy tomorrow – WooHoo! Although boo that she’s ill, still I get to spend all day with my little girl tomorrow 😀

Odi et amo………..Excrucior

Stay Slinky People,