I’d really rather hoped that my current bad stomach would have eased by now, sadly that’s not the case, it went up a couple of notches today……. It’s almost like Gluten poisoning without the horrendous stomach cramps as the passing of blood clots kicked in today. But as I said without the stomach cramps I’m in remarkably good spirits about it 🙂
Aiden was very excited by the Skylander surprise I left last night. Paige would have been excited but she managed to sleep until 10-30 so missed the main effect, as Aiden had already opened it up. But she did get to see the note I’d left and enjoyed reading that hehehe.
We travelled back north today and upon returning to the hovel it was no surprise that Aiden wished to play Skylanders 🙂
Before the little ones left me, and during our last half hour together (during which time we always have family cuddles together) I managed to grab a group selfie 🙂
I also kept back some pictures I took last night, in order to share them today. We were adventuring in Asda and noticed a rather amusing occurrence. There was a very green display proudly labelled as British Herbs. Now amongst these were such traditionally British named herbs as:
French Tarragon
Moroccan Mint
And I managed to grab some photographic (even if poor quality) evidence 😉

Odi et amo………..Excrucior

Stay Slinky People,