Well I did manage to get next Thursday booked off, so thankfully I’ll only have to put up with work for 1 lousy day tomorrow. It does pain me to write that as only 4 weeks ago I used to look forward to days at work, now they annoy me as much as days without my kids :-/
I did have to once again seek permission for my day off from a member of the team who isn’t my manager. He clearly tried to take this responsibility seriously and attempted to put barriers in my way. Like seeing that I have a 1-2-1 meeting with my useless manager on the day I want to book off. His response upon seeing this was:
“Oh you’ve got your 1-2-1 on that day, are you going to rearrange it?”
My response:
“Nope I hardly think it’s important, missing it is no great loss to me, I’m happy to take that risk thanks.”
He then had the decency to look suitably confused by my response, but didn’t have the confidence or ability to challenge my comment, so I got te day booked off πŸ™‚
A shame really because I was looking forward to a fight, and I was prepared to replicate the behaviours recently displayed by members of staff that have been rewarded for being fundamentally shit, in other words I was going to kick off big style with a long and loud list of expletives…… But it wasn’t needed πŸ™‚
I did some of the soul destroying work I’m expected to do today, but I wasn’t able to do that much. Turns out my email account was down (server issues apparently), but I dutifully logged it as an urgent issue (it was preventing me from doing lots of work) this morning and ten spent the rest of the day chasing it up on an hourly basis. As of home time today it still hadn’t been fixed. I did let my team and manager know, particularly when they all got up and went to a meeting that I didn’t know about, and then they had to come ask me to attend – I hadn’t received the invite, no email! But of course they weren’t bothered and didn’t help out.
Today was also supposed to be the publication of the latest Newsletter, but again a lack of email prevented me from doing that, and given that it’s often heralded as a fantastic piece of work, and yet I’ve received no credit for it, I could to be bothered to come up with a work around to ensure it got published.
So that was my exciting day, still my weekend promises to be exciting πŸ˜‰

Odi et amo………..Excrucior

Stay Slinky People,