The day of the afternoon tea party dawned, and I filled the morning with nonsensical whimsy. Then I made my way in the unusual glory of British sunshine to Aiden’s school πŸ™‚
There were a select few parents in attendance, and the opening address pointed out that we were there because the school would like to say thanks for the help we’ve provided over the last year – and that they keep a list of all help offered so that they can be sure nobody has been missed πŸ™‚
I ended up sat on a table almost entirely populated by local councillors and important members of the school’s governing body. Still I was able to hold them in conversation, and whilst it was billed as afternoon tea, and went all rebel and opted for coffee. There was lots of food in offer, lots of which I was unable to eat (cakes and sandwiches), however I did swoop down and devour a strawberry meringue. Fortunately I’d warned my table compadres of my unfortunate eating limitations so my swooping and subsequent devouring didn’t cause offence πŸ˜‰
Class by class the children took to the stage and sang to the assembled throng, always receiving rapturous applause. Of course the highlight for me was when Aiden’s class came out (I hadn’t mentioned that I was his parent to our table). He stood on the end if the front row and performed in his own unique style, and it was great to hear everyone saying (on my table and others) how great Aiden was doing, I was properly beaming, and clearly when he spotted me in the crowd it was obvious who I was hehehe. Everyone there was great πŸ˜€
That was about it, I was able to wait for both Aiden and Paige and walk them to the car with their mum, so I got to spend a bit of bonus time with them both πŸ˜€

Odi et amo………..Excrucior

Stay Slinky People,