Boo my long weekend of awesomeness has drawn reluctantly to a close, and that also means I have to gird my loins for work tomorrow. Although the positive for that is I only have 1 week to go before my job changes – for the better! Yay!!!!!
I’m actually in a daze after the last few days (unintentionally poetic), more recently I’ve spent many hours in the company of a good friend, and this certainly compressed time somewhat 😉
Ooh, and how could I forget, I’ve been continuing to attack pages in the book of destruction, however recent escapes haven’t been photographed – oops. Bow after the event any photos won’t do then justice, especially as one of them was to tear out a page and throw it away – the actual instructions said “Just accept the loss” which I thought was a very nice sentiment 😉
So work tomorrow, and I’ll take destructo book along to help the day seem more fun, and I’m taking along some very unpleasantly sour sweets, just to give myself an evil smile during the day 😉

Odi et amo………..Excrucior

Stay Slinky People,