Today was a much slower paced and easy going day, largely due to the torrential rain that’s been a feature throughout. Obviously at some point we had to travel North today, and that led to a properly scary car journey on a busy road through an insane rain storm which was really one big wall of water, resulting in the road’s paltry drainage system just giving up. Still we got back to the hovel safely, so all good 😉
A little while before the little ones were due to leave Aiden decided that he absolutely had to have a particular toy of his. Unfortunately although he had this toy on Friday, he has since out in somewhere in the hovel which defies the human eyes capacity for sight, maybe he managed to sneak it into an alternative dimension. I have told I’ll find it for Tuesday (I’m confident it’ll turn up when I loom the other way). Sadly this wasn’t the answer he wanted so he got himself very upset and even more fixated upon this toy. The result being that he got very verbally nasty, and unleashed a tirade of nastiness towards me (not swearing I should point out) which then upset Paige. This sort if thing is really hard to distance yourself from, and although the Autism is largely to blame the words still carry a lot of sting. This left me more than a little drained and frazzled this evening – boo. So I’m just trying to get myself into work mode for tomorrow. The good thing is that I’ll be starting my new role tomorrow – Yay!!!!!!!!! But this means I’ll have a tiring week as it’s lots of learning this week :-/

Odi et amo………..Excrucior

Stay Slinky People,