We’ve had a great day today, I made sure we all got outside and enjoyed plenty of fresh air. This started with a trip to a park where we played with the frisbee and football for quite a while 😉
A shirt trip home for some lunch and I dragged us outside again, although nobody actually minded, so there was no dragging involved 🙂 I thought we’d try a nearby footpath that we hadn’t explored before, I had a vague idea where the path came out, but no clue what it was like. Turns out it’s a lovely place to walk, it predominantly follows an old train and where I can only presume the train tracks used to enter a tunnel there is a path leading up a near vertical feature, which also includes the emergence of a spring. The little ones loved it, and obviously I grabbed a few pictures to share 🙂
The little left me this evening, but only until Friday, and I once again had made an arrangement to visit the gaming club tonight. This time around we once again created a buzz and excitement with a game of Munchkin followed by the South Seas variant of Carcassonne. A thoroughly enjoyable evening of Geekery. In fact I’m very impressed with the amount of gaming I’ve managed to indulge in over this week – such good quality fun 😉

Odi et amo………..Excrucior

Stay Slinky People,