I’ll be honest, I haven’t really done much today, I’ve felt somewhat out of sorts, I suspect it’s the absolute lack of noise in the hovel currently. You see it didn’t matter yesterday as I was away for the while day and enjoying myself in company, but today the lack of noise and fun was oppressive and I really wasn’t up to breaking those shackles.
Now don’t misunderstand me, there was a lot of noise around, too much in truth, but completely the round sort. Largely thanks to one if the scumbags living within this block who took it upon himself to shout and bellow his intention to smash another te bents window in and gesticulate threateningly for most of the afternoon. Now I could have gone out and expressed my displeasure, but I’d rather not get involved (and actually feel quite bad for it). For me it’s more important to remain the grey man and make sure there’s no trouble coming my way when I have the little ones :-/ a sensible and cowardly option I’m sure you’ll agree.
Well it’s sure to be a busy day at work tomorrow, I’m doing a bit of training amongst a myriad of meetings 😉

Odi et amo………..Excrucior

Stay Slinky People,