Arrrrgh me hearties, in case ye didn’t know today was talk like a pirate day, I hopes ye have all had at the very least a wee tot o’ grog, an indulged in the odd we seasoned yarr!
It always be around this happy time o’year that that there Malinari fella promises that he’ll let me an me crew write some tall tales of our adventures, if’n I was you dear reader I wouldn’t be holding me breath though. Owevva rumours abound that he’s off in a few days like, sum thing about a big giant bear. So me an sum o’the lads arrrgh tinking o’ staging a boarding action and scribblin on his parchment, so stay tuned me hearties, the scurrilous crew o’the Rusty Starfish ain’t owt for the count yet………….

Captain Ignatius Tarquinius Roderick Chumbucket III..