The day started with a long dark walk to get the bus to work. Once I was at work I received a pretty amazing email, turns out that due to my great performances as Pudsey Bear (mascot for Children in Need) last year I’ve earned the unofficial title of best Pudsey at work. Therefore I’ve been asked to attend a very important and rather large conference on Monday as the big yellow bear, this will include a performance stint on stage with the company Exec members. In the words of the email “we want to make sure we the best Pudsey possible”. So on Monday I’m off to spend the day in sunny Milton Keynes 😀
The rest of work was pretty good, but home time was best of all. I came home to find Tea being served, a very lovely Corned Beef Hash hmmmmmmm. And we’d also arranged a small Geek Night, so a quick game of Carcasonne followed by a longer game of Viking Pillaging (I forget it’s real name), made for an enjoyable evening 😀

Odi et amo………..Excrucior

Stay Slinky People,