The day started very early but also quite nicely, we all got up whilst it was still dark and walked Em to the early morning bus so that she could get home in time for work, it was nice because the little ones helped insisted on carrying a bag between them, and they wanted to make sure out guest got off to a safe journey.
I had thought they would flag throughout the day after such an early start, especially as I’d planned an adventure to the meadow, so I wasn’t sure if Paige would manage to stay awake for Doctor Who tonight…………..
But how quickly our plans have to adapt, just as mid morning approached Aiden started to get a temperature, and it kept going up, he clearly wasn’t well. I’ve managed to bring the fever down with Calpol, but it’s still been a worrying time. It’s bad enough when Paige is ill, but my little man brings a while new dimension to it, so it’s been stressful and worrying. Obviously our planned outdoor activity has been postponed, and I’ve got Aiden in bed with me tonight so that I can keep an eye on him – I’m not expecting much sleep 😦

Odi et amo………..Excrucior

Stay Slinky People,