Long term readers, well actually medium term readers to be honest, may remember a time not so long ago when I was full of vitriolic rantings about work. This all stemmed from the fact that despite me repeating saying otherwise I was forced into a job I hated with a team I was less than impressed with. In the end I snapped and just before I did something terminal for my employment prospects I managed to convince some important people that things weren’t going to work out for the best. Thankfully they did a sterling job of getting me quickly into a job I liked and was much better suited to. Now I may sound like a petulant child about this while episode, but that’s because things could have been sorted so much sooner, only is been lumbered with a manager that just refused to listen.
Well it’s come time at work for our half yearly reviews, and I thought I’d be able to gloss over that horrendous period and focus on the great work I’ve done in my current role. Sadly no. My old manager has seen fit to provide feedback to my new manager, which is far from complimentary, and so now I’m basically carrying around a black mark (akin to the pirates black spot) from a job I never wanted to do, ad was forced into without due process – tach nicely if such a job change was thrust upon me I should have been offered redundancy as an alternative, but I wasn’t! So I’m more than a little miffed again. This feedback also led to it being pointed out that I’m not doing enough of the day job, and basically I need to stop over performing for a while and doing work that benefits the whole and just do the basic day job for a while. I feel this comment has largely been inspired by the bad feedback that’s been received grrrrrrrrrr!
Ho hum, time to work to rule for a while then, and let the big things pile up, after all it’s above my pay grade again…………….

Odi et amo………..Excrucior

Stay Slinky People,