Well I did as promised at work yesterday and worked to rule, there were a couple of occasions where I could easily have done some extra work to make things run much more smoothly and help people out immensely, but I didn’t make the offer, so everyone will continue to muddle through………. This is the behaviour that is clearly required 🙂
I set up lots of lines (the day job), like a good little boy, I also delegated a report to another member of the team (so that I could continue doing day job stuff), I’ll admit that was frustrating as I knew it would have taken me 5 minutes at the most to complete. I have them very clear written instructions, and they then proceeded to mince about for an hour, only just sending the report off in time. But again I kept to my day job.
After work a small select group of us indulged in a shirt social event I like to call “Payday Pub Trip”. One of our small band suggested trying out a new pub (which we had to find first), and whilst it was please any inside, had good music, and looked kind of cool, they had NO Cider, and NO Gluten free Beer!!!!!!!!!!!! So in protest I had lemonade – it was disappointing.
This was rectified a little while later by Gluten free Beer and a Cheese Board at the Crafty Crow (a proper pub!) hehehe.
We didn’t stay out very long, in fact Em and myself enjoyed Chips Al Fresco in Nottingham market square, and it was pleasant watching the early evening world pass by, we also encountered some local wildlife as made our way home 😉

Odi et amo………..Excrucior

Stay Slinky People,