Well this morning we went to church…………. No really we did. But only because it was Aiden’s school’s harvest festival πŸ˜‰
Aiden had to stand up with about half a dozen classmates and read out a few lines – I already knew about this as he has been practising for a week πŸ™‚ What I didn’t know is that he was last in the group and his lines closed off the little reading. He did amazingly well with it, and the lovely way he practically sang the lines got lots of “ahhhhhhs” and then some chuckles at the end πŸ™‚
In light of his epic morning performance I dusted of his pushchair for the walk home, which I felt doubly vindicated about, not only due to the probably October weather we’ve had today, but also because his TA came out to say that he had been quite exhausted from the mornings activities.
This evening we all indulged in lots of larking about and filled the place with laughter and fun πŸ˜‰
Tomorrow I have to go into work for a meeting – boo! To be fair I volunteered, as it’s a forum meeting about flexible and part time working, and how to make it better πŸ™‚ but the evening will be great as I’m off to see the awesome and completely ad libbed comedy of Ross Nobel πŸ˜€

Odi et amo………..Excrucior

Stay Slinky People,