Well today was a fun day at work, although it started with a really hectic morning and had to blitz through loads of “emergency” to do a big favour and make our team look good (this is a bit of sore point now though, for reasons which will become clear later). However this afternoon we were all treated to fun trip out to the bowling alley. Now I did used to bowl on a weekly basis, but that was 2 decades ago, so I’m out of practice. Therefore when asked if I could bowl I merely stated that I hadn’t bowled in a long time. Believe me it came as a shock to me as well when I scored a very respectable 133 for my first game (I only managed a paltry 99 for game number 2, a tired arm and all that hahaha). So I did score one of the highest games, ad unlike the highest scoring player I didn’t need the assistant of the gutter bumpers to achieve it πŸ˜‰ But in all fairness having the bumpers on allowed everybody to enjoy getting a decent score – it just put us “decent” players at a disadvantage as we still bowled old school style and avoided the gutters πŸ˜€
After bowling and food they was a team quiz and some awards. I largely completed the quiz single handed as no-one else in our team seemed capable of answering any questions (genuinely!). Finally we came to the awards ceremony, now before I get all grumpy and accused of being just a case of sour grapes, I should point out that I received a nomination, which was very nice, and I’m appreciative that someone saw fit for my achievements (the newsletter and Excel work) to be recognised. The bit that sticks in my Craw (much like Curden Craw for those in the know) is that my current job share partner was nominated by our supervisor. I don’t have anything against my job share, she works hard and we get on great, but much like the full timer in our team she leans heavily on the skills and abilities I bring to the team (the process and reports we use wouldn’t exist if not for me, honestly!). So I’m just more than a little perturbed that someone has been recognised for some of my work, and my supervisor clearly doesn’t think particularly well of me. Now this could all be in light of recent feedback I mentioned, but whatever, right now I’m feeling that I need to dial up the work to rule ethic a little more :-/
I’m not going to end this post on such a sour note though, instead I’ll mention one other game that was at the bowling alley. Some of us clocked it when we walked in and were itching to give it a go. It was a Pac-man 4 player “multi-ball” air hockey table, and was great fun to play. In fact despite the safety netting and barriers when the “multi-ball” option kicked in little plastic pucks flew everywhere, hence the reason for me discovering one lodged in some secret compartment of my shirt when I got home. To showcase the joy I’ve included some pictures πŸ˜‰

Odi et amo………..Excrucior

Stay Slinky People,