A great day both the Forger and the little ones returned to me 😀 and we’ve had nothing but giggles chuckles and cuddles all evening 🙂
The one dark smudge to the day has been a minor hiccup at Aiden’s school. A couple of weeks ago myself and the Forger spoke to Aiden’s teacher about volunteering opportunities at the school. This is because the Forger is considering becoming a Teaching Assistant, and therefor wits a positive step in that direction to get some volunteering done at a school. Aiden’s school always say they are looking for volunteers to help out, and the teacher we spoke to seemed really keen and sent us off to reception to sort out the appropriate forms. Well today we popped into the school to finish off the forms only to discover that there has “been some confusion” and there’s no option for volunteering. Now it seems to me to be either an internal politics issue, or someone else is purposely causing trouble. To be honest I suspect the internal politics rather than nefarious doings, but I’m not ruling the latter out completely just yet. I am intending to push back on the issue and see what occurs :-/

Odi et amo………..Excrucior

Stay Slinky People,