Hmmmmm I’m not quite sure how today balances out in the scales. I took a gamble today and spoke to a trusted manager about a job opportunity today. She was honest and let slip some unfortunate info, as I had previously postulated the 6 weeks I spent being forced into a job I categorically never wanted to do (and told people about), was given no choice about and which to too it off had the most incompetent and ignorant manager in the deal, is being held against me. It is severely limiting my options. Which is both wrong and crazy, as I’m a perfect fit for this role I’m eyeing up. So in light of that I’m once again pretty hacked off, especially so as It was intimated that if I put in loads of hard work in my current role I could then be in a position to fulfil such a role (in day 6 months). I did point out the madness in this, and the fact that I didn’t feel comfortable (or right) in continually performing way above my pay grade for no reward.
To be fair there were a few positives as well, but this was the main jist, and sadly I have huge respect and trust for this particular manager, so boo! I’ve been properly shafted. However I’m formulating a contingency, which may well point out the illegality of forcing me I to a job role under duress (& not offering my redundancy), alongside the fact that a short while ago someone else that wasn’t a particularly high achiever was allowed to step up to a similar role with as far as I can remember no interview. So there’s plenty of room there for me to mount a considerable challenge.
But enough of that, when I got home a very lovely dinner had been cooked for me, and whilst we didn’t get to have the full Geekery of a D&D night this evening, we managed to have a little bit of a giggle with friends instead 😉

Odi et amo………..Excrucior

Stay Slinky People,