Well work was interesting, sort of…….. It didn’t start particularly well when a fellow member of my team delighted in telling me that they had been in receipt of an email detailing some urgent work since Tuesday, but decided to leave it to me to sort out, that’s sort of thing sets up your day badly, nothing like supportive work colleagues. I did however manage to secure myself some nice Excel work to do though, so that improved the day for me. Finally towards the end of the day we had to attend a quarterly briefing, there was one bit that made me cringe though. One of our supreme overlords decided it would be highly motivational for us if he shared a few slides with us showing our overlords attending an important meeting in Monaco last week. This involved going into great depth and detail about the private (fully liveried up) jet that was laid on for them (photos included), and the amazing entertainment that was in a posh venue with a removable roof – oh and finally talking about how warm and sunny it was there. Call me old fashioned but I didn’t feel particularly inspired, especially when returning to my drone cubicle and spending ages searching for a new pen as the supply of pens has been cut to reduce overheads………. The gulf between the few that run things and the masses that don’t continues to widen inexorably 🙂
Finally we had to cancel our planned Geekery this evening as upon returning from a cynical day at work I discovered the Forger wearing sunglasses inside (’twas a dark evening upon my return). This could only mean that a Migraine was in progress, so we thought it best not to spend an evening in a fantasy realm with blazing lights 🙂

Odi et amo………..Excrucior

Stay Slinky People,