I managed to go to work today, that’s an improvement right? Hmmmm in not entirely sure it was a productive use of my time though. The lunch time walk through the grounds was enjoyable, as was the bus ride home 🙂
Upon arriving at my desk it was to hear the news of a massive piece of urgent work that absolutely must be given the highest priority. This work had sauntered over the horizon yesterday afternoon and members of our little team had been in a major flap about it – 2000 lines to set up before the end of the week…………….. I calmly looked at the 2000 lines, then ran a report which showed that over the past month we had already set up 1600 of those lines.
Panic and mayhem avoided, just by the application of a little common sense……….. Not bad going for the lowest paid drone :-/
On a slight change I feel I should post something a little more nice. In fact it’s something from Tuesday night that I forgot to mention. Whilst speaking to Paige about the work she was doing at school I was genuinely awed to have her quote the 1st verse of The Tyger by William Blake to me. I can’t actually describe how great it felt to have my little girl reciting one of my favourite poems to me. She wasn’t aware of that fact, but had come across it during some work at school and she liked it too so she learnt it. I made sure we spent quite a while talking about what the poem meant to her and how she interpreted it 😀

Odi et amo………..Excrucior

Stay Slinky People,