Ok so I posted the first 2 parts of my character background because nothing particularly nice or interesting was happening with me. I’d like to clarify that this was in no way an invitation for the universe to decide in it’s infinite wisdom to fuck with me.
The day actually started rather nicely, the Forger returned to me last night and things were very nice today, then the afternoon appeared and I received a truly horrific phone call from the head teacher of Aiden’s school.
Aiden had been very upset all morning and then had told his teachers that he didn’t want to go to Daddy’s tonight, because Daddy doesn’t love him and Daddy hits him…………….
Yeah feel free to take a moment to let that sink in, it still makes me ill. Obviously the school (rightly so!) have procedures in place for just such an occurrence, and the authorities were alerted and I had a very unpleasant few hours waiting to receive a phone call to see if I would be allowed to have my kids this evening.
Now I haven’t seen the little ones since last Wednesday and everything seemed fine then………….. So it was a huge shock…………..
Anyway the hours passed and I got a phone call to say that I could have y kids after all as there was no further evidence or cause for concern (although my name is now clearly highlighted to authorities as a potential problem.
I then had to have a meeting here with the kids and their mother to talk about what’s going on. Apparently they’ve been unhappy at the forger moving in recently and have got from somewhere that Daddy doesn’t love them now that he has the forger living here.
I’m not going to comment on any I this, just present what a truly shit day it’s been today.
Now I’ll post up the last part of my character background story, and I should point out that you do finally meet my character, Milton Malloy the 3rd.

Smuggler’s Guard-Den part 3

Henry Peverington and Denholme had found a Hansom for the brief and bumpy journey to the Dire Anvil, sure enough the quick journey had cost Henry a hefty tip, tonight’s adventure was proving expensive.
“This thrice damned fellow of yours had better be here Denholme, I’m beginning to lose all patience you know.” Henry groused.
“Yes sir, I am fully aware of that sir. I am sure it will be worth it though, you do require someone with particular skills to fulfil your unusual request.”
“Yes Denholme! After this debacle I wish there had been an easier alternative!”
“Well sir, it is not like we really have any alternative is it.”
“Indeed!” Henry shot his servant come bodyguard a look of malice.
“Allow me sir.” Denholme held open the door to the Dire Anvil, and followed Henry inside.
This was a much more reputable drinking den than The Black Bull had been, and with the very late hour only the serious drinkers were inside, which totalled no more than a dozen individuals. Over in one corner Denholme could clearly make out by his loud voice and demeanour an ex military type engaged in a vivacious conversation with a curiously coloured Eldren and 2 other shadowed figures. Denholme and Henry Peverington made their way to the bar.
“Erm allow me sir.” Denholme offered.
“Yes of course.” Henry conceded.
“Excuse me, we are looking to enquire after the whereabouts of Milton Malloy the Third.” Denholme enquired of the barkeep. At that precise moment the ex military type that Denholme had noticed thumped his fist into his table and boomed out laughter.
“Ahhh yes sirs, and tell me have you come by way of the Lotus?” The bar keep asked jovially.
“Yes we have just arrived from The Orange Lotus.” Denholme confirmed.
“Very well, please take these 2 mugs of grog, on the house of course, and follow young Billy here.” The barkeep gestured to a pot boy standing nearby.
Billy quickly ducked under the bar and walked over to a door in the corner of the room near the loud ex military type. This fellow looked up and nodded towards Denholme as they passed the table and walked through the door into a corridor.
“Did you know that fellow Denholme?” Henry asked.
“I am not entirely sure sir, he looked vaguely familiar, but I can’t quite place him I am afraid.” Denholme replied.
“Hmmmmm he was far to interested in us, best be ready for big trouble Denholme, my patience is at and end now, this business needs to be finished with now.”
“Certainly sir.”
Billy showed them into a comfortably sized room, which was curiously lined with shelves around the walls. Upon all of this shelves was a large variety of flora and fauna, quite how all of these different types of plants could grow in here was beyond both gentlemen, however the bizarrely constructed lamps above the shelves clearly had something to do with it. These provided an abundance of light.
“Please to be waiting here sirs, Mr Malloy will be with you shortly.” Billy stammered and then closed the door behind himself.
“I’d really like to see you armed and ready now Denholme, I want to be able to negotiate quickly.” Henry demanded.
“Certainly sir, as you wish.” Denholme produced a heavy and deadly looking revolver from under his heavy coat.
“Nah den fella’s Oim shurr dere’s no need for dat in ere, nah is dae.” An oddly familiar voice exclaimed, surprising them as they hadn’t heard the door open, yet alongside them was a sleek furred beast kin, by now easily recognisable to both men as Mink. It’s fur was black as coal with a clear shine to it, he wore a common cap at a slight angle and had very quick eyes. Around his neck was a silver chain ending with a strange and well worn bone. His clothes were functional and clean, with no obvious weapons present.
“Are you Milton Malloy?” Henry asked sharply.
“Aye, dats me fella. Milton Malloy da Furd at yore soirvice gentleman. Nah I’s is oondastandin dat ye are rekwiring me elp wi sum fing.” Milton said jovially.
“So you’re actually the Milton Malloy that can get hold of things then?” Henry quizzed.
“Dats wot I joost said sir. Milton Malloy da Furd, dats me. Me Ma bless her said I was da wun wiv all da brains like. So if you’s is needing sun fing, I get it fur ya, fur da roight price o’course. I’m a busy-ness man after all, and let me tell’s ya, busy-ness is good roight now.” Milton grabbed at the curious bone around his neck at the mention of his mother.
“Well now is it finally to business then, you’ve given me quite the runaround this evening, and I’m considerably out of pocket already Mr Malloy. I also don’t mind telling you that I’ve had quite enough of dealing with mistrustful rodents as well.” Henry let his anger boil up.
“Erm sir, if I may, please remember that Mr Malloy here is a noble Mink.” Denholme felt I’ll at ease at his masters outburst.
“Ahhh nah dats joost rude, nah me litter mates as said yo’s was a roight rude beggar, Oi shud point owt dat yo’s is needing moi help. So’s it’d be in yore best intrest to be keepin a civil tongue in yore head good sir.” Once again he touch the bone necklace as he added “me Ma always said dat manners costs us nuffing, an dey makes yoo da betts man. Oim inklined to agree wiv dat sentiment. So’s I’ll tell ya wot, if in yore respektfull from nah on I may only remove wun ov ya fingers, nah Oi can’t say fairer dan dat can Oi.”
It was only then that Henry finally noticed the wickedly sharp blade that had appeared in Milton’s hand.
“Denholme! Is he daring to threaten me harm?!”
“Well sir you were warned in all fairness.” Denholme looked somewhat sheepish.
“Roight well enuff o yore flapping good sir, let’s to busy-ness shall we. What is it dat you is wanting moi to prokure for ya, after all Oim sure that’s why ya wanted tae meet wiv da great Milton Malloy da Furd.” Milton was all business, he had a keen nose for making good business.
“Ahhh well ok, you have me at a disadvantage as I really do have no choice whatsoever. You see I require something both unusual and erm well let’s just say it’s liable to cause entirely the wrong kind of questions to be asked, and it’s certainly not an item that is available for purchase normally.”
“Roight, Oim intrigued, but as I say, I can get ya any fing ya need, fur da roight price. So you let me now, an oi’ll pick me price.”
“Well you see I’m after a child, but not just any child. I have a certain requirement that necessitates a young child of particular breeding.”
Milton Malloy let out a hiss “nah this is tricksie busy-ness yore talking. However Oim not saying I can’t do it, but ye’ll need to be aware dat me price is gonna be extra high, an not jus because ye is a rude bastard mind.”
“What? Oh yes I’ll pay whatever it costs. Now the exact details are that the child needs to be red haired and erm Eldren……….” Henry whispered this last part.
“Hmmmmmmm let moi just ruminate on dis a little while please gents. Oi’ll just leave ya fur a few minutes, oive gots ta make me kalculations, ya understand?”
“Why yes of course that’s fine, so think it’s achievable then?” Henry asked excitedly.
“O course it is, loik Oi said, fur da roight price. Nah feel free tae enjoy me indoor Guard-den here, but see’s dat yore not touching any o’me preciouses, as sum o’them is somewhat deadly an unpleasant.” Milton gestured to the plants lining the walls and then exited the room.
“Do you really think he can sort this for us Denholme?” Henry asked.
“Erm not us I’m afraid sir, but I’m sure Mr Malloy can deliver on any agreement made yes sir.” Denholme looked very uneasy.
Henry Peverington made a point of looking at the plants in the room carefully, and he did realise, even with his very limited botanical knowledge, that many of these plants were unusual or exotic in some way. Denholme meanwhile stood stock still with his heavy revolver still in hand.
The door opened and Milton breezed into the room.
“So are we on for the deal then.” Henry asked quickly, rushing over to Milton.
“A deals a deal gents, and Milton Malloy da Furd never fails to deliver, dats me hard earned reputation sirs. So here’s what I is proposing, nah come close sir as Oim not wanting to repeat dis ya understand, it is an unsavoury request ye has made of me.” Milton beckoned Henry closer. Who obliged by leaning right in expectantly, a gleam in his eye.
“So what will it cost me then Mr Malloy?” He asked.
Milton’s answer was a mere whisper “your life”.
Before Henry Peverington could even register confusion or outrage Milton’s wickedly sharp blade had already sliced deep into his throat, terminally severing his artery. Henry collapsed choking softly onto the wooden floor, his life slowly fading, darkness creeping into his vision. He heard the voices of Milton and Denholme as from an increasing distance.
“What a nasty piece o’ bastard dis fella wuz, how did ya git yore sell indebted to him Denholme?”
“It is not one my proudest moments Mr Malloy, but thank you for your assistance, are you able to see the deal through fully, he will need to completely disappear. Dear lord I was horrified at the depths he was willing to got to, sacrificing a child for heavens sake!”
“Oi nah a proper bad bastard dis one, an don’t ye be worrying he’ll completely disappear, not a trace o’him will ever be found. Loik I say I can get ya any fing ya need fur da right price, even if that fing is owt ov a while mess o trouble.”
“What do I owe you for this Mr Malloy?”
“Jus one little penny from ye Denholme, a mutual friend o ours asked me to sort this owt fur ya, so ye best get yursell owt ta here.”
“Thank you Mr Malloy.”

As Denholme made his way back through the Dire Anvil he passed the ex military gentleman heading in the direction of Milton Malloy’s room. The gentleman nodded to Denholme and quietly said as they passed each other “look after yourself sergeant Debholme, remember the old corps is always there to help it’s own.”
“Yes sir, and thank you sir.” Denholme replied.
“Now get yourself gone, dismissed Denholme.”

Odi et amo………..Excrucior

Stay Slinky People,