So today is Children in Need, that means I popped into work for the morning (donating my time for free) to dress up as a famous yellow visually impaired bear. I had the first shift, and unfortunately there was a costume issue. Turns out that due to the bear’s hectic schedule recently, the cleaning of the suit hadn’t quite worked, well it was clean, just not dry. This meant I had to out very wet footwear on, it was like walking around with my feet in buckets of water. But I earned my hero points 🙂
Towards the end of my stint I was asked if I would mind being the bear for a “Balcony briefing” which is a briefing to the while building by the exec – of course I agreed. It meant I was in the suit for a full hour with no respite, so it was pretty tiring as hot work, but I certainly rocked the balcony briefing and worked the crowd. There had been lots of positive feedback, as many people were unaware it was me 😀
After the charity work it was a quick dash home so that I could collect the little ones.
The little ones have been happy and bubbly, so no problems there, and we’ve had plenty of cuddles while watching Children in Need.
Sadly it appears that just like last weekend my charity work is unappreciated and met with frosty hostility from some corners, you’d of thought be people would have maybe a little pride in what I was doing, but it seems this isn’t the case :-/
I’ll sign off with some bear pictures 😉

Odi et amo………..Excrucior

Stay Slinky People,