Well today was a tumult of feelings, I was still beset by blues about the impositions imposed upon me by my good allergy – boo….. But also suffering by a real mixed bag regarding the little ones. I spent most of the dreading another unpleasant phone call from Aiden’s school. Fortunately it didn’t occur.
I then fretted about how the little ones would be when we collected them from school. They were both very happy and excited even with the impending walk home, and this evening passed with lots of laughter and fun 😉
Do that’s all good, but to be honest I’m still feeling emotionally battered and bruised by the last couple of weeks, and my fragile mind and well being is definitely in a state of intensive care. I say this bit for any sympathy, but merely to help myself realise that I’m perilously close to slipping onto one of those downward spirals. What would be nice right now is a couple of weeks of plain and pleasant sailing just so I can mentally shore up recent damage.

Odi et amo………..Excrucior

Stay Slinky People,