I felt utterly shattered yesterday, and being woken up with a bad stomach in the middle of the night certainly didn’t help 😦
That’s had a knock on effect today, and has meant I’ve been completely lacking in energy today, and due to the seasonal weather (which I’m actually pleased to see), I’ve spent most today feeling cold and shivering). It’s entirely possible that while I’m at such a low ebb a cold has snuck in under the radar or accompanying my bad stomach.
Fortunately everything went well with the little ones and I didn’t get an unpleasant phone call today. The little ones have been full of chuckles, wen though I haven’t been able to keep up with them – boo.
I managed to grab a quick picture of Paige with a pear. I picked up some lovely fruit from my favourite fruit & veg shop today, and the pears are giant sized 🙂
It took a long time for Paige to eat it all hehehe

Odi et amo………..Excrucior

Stay Slinky People,