Ok let’s start with the good stuff first. The kids were great this morning and we had a hassle free walk to school in the rain this morning, they were also very bouncy when they popped by after school 🙂
I went to Star Wars roleplay this evening, and it was good fun. I had to catch up after not making it last week, and fortunately my Besalisk arms dealer (some of you may appreciate the pun in my character teehee) got involved with the local underworld and managed to procure a hoard of useful stuff, as well as set up a profitable deal for the future. It then transpired that the stuff I’d acquired was highly sort after by the long term powerful characters, and was able to trade these things for a number of favours to be called in at a later time 😉
Now the not so good stuff. We awoke to a very wet kitchen this morning, as water was running down the light fitting. This obviously meant we needed to steer clear of the electrics in the kitchen………. I immediately rang the maintenance number and logged the emergency, but as of midnight tonight still no repair 😦
I’ve had water running down the light fighting all day, and obviously the plaster around is deteriorating rapidly. I’ve emptied quite a few buckets of water today as well. My guess is that maybe something is awry in the flat above me, but there’s currently nobody home. So with a collapsing ceiling, and dangerous electrics I’m hoping they finally turn up tomorrow to sort this out 😦

Odi et amo………..Excrucior

Stay Slinky People,