Work was really dull today, and dragged on relentlessly, but upon returning home I was surprised to see the front door covered in 40th Birthday banners and balloons 🙂
Now my 4 decade existence anniversary isn’t until Thursday (when I’m back at work – boo!), but due to not having the little ones we arranged to have an early celebration with them tomorrow night, so it’s party time tomorrow night. This has now developed (at the insistence of the Forger) into a week long celebration 😉
So the flat is thoroughly decorated and due to a misunderstanding of storage requirements I’ve also had to open a present already, so I now have a fridge full of lovely cheese, which makes me happy 😉
The only downside to today was that whilst out and about in the big bright city gathering materials for the celebrations the Forger had her phone stolen from her pocket. A reminder to keep your wits about you folks :-/

Odi et amo………..Excrucior

Stay Slinky People,