Ok, time to do a round up of the last few days, in the hope that I don’t miss out any important details. It’s been a cracking birthday, the Forger has really gone to town this last week (bless her), and I’ve arrived at old age happy πŸ˜‰
So (I may have mentioned this previously) the lovely people at work (well 2 really awesome people put in a supreme effort!) gathered around my desk on Thursday lunchtime and sang to me. They had also got me a card and some gift vouchers for uber geeky gaming shop Chimera (the venue for our Wednesday night Star Wars gaming) a which was brilliant! Also of note is that someone at that roleplay a Victoriana with us wrote a great message in the card (and he was one of the 1st to sign the cars, so many others saw his comment tee hee), his comment was “have a great day, please stop shitting in people’s rooms”. This was in reference to our last roleplay session when my character Milton Malloy the 3rd and his did some nefarious and amusing burglary upon an NPC we really didn’t like πŸ˜‰
Well on Thursday night a very elite band of us went to my favourite pub after work and indulged in Cider, Rum and Cheese. After that myself and the Forger headed to Chimera (because it’s so good it stays open until 10pm!) and spent my vouchers, we then sat in a park nearby and enjoyed a moonlit chip supper (NB not a euphemism).
So onto Friday, to be honest the day was kind of dull, as I had to stay in (feeling like a caged animal) due to som emergency gas work that needed doing (a new meter to fix a serious fault). However in the evening myself and the Forger headed out into town and went to a local comedy club (it was the Forger’s 1st time in a proper comedy club). There was supposed to be a moderately sized group of people I like coming along, but the lurgey struck down everyone that’s associated with me πŸ˜‰
Still the Poisoner and the Forger made a truly epic night of it. The comedy was pretty good (I’ve seen much better, but the Forger really enjoyed it), then we wandered around Nottingham late at night absorbing ourselves in some culture and looking for interesting places. Turns out Kerala cuisine is very nice – I hadn’t sampled it before. There was rum and lots of cider, before we ended in an old regular haunt of mine the tiny pub called The Dragon. Finally in the early hours we headed for a bus home clutching an obligatory take away πŸ˜‰
I’ll now post a few pics πŸ˜€

Odi et amo………..Excrucior

Stay Slinky People,