Illness continued to get me down today – boo! The only good part is that I started watching the Marco Polo series on Netflix, it’s like a cross between the old series of Kung Fu & Shogun, so I like it very much πŸ™‚
When it came time to pick the little ones up from school I was further afflicted by illness. I made it to the school fine, but once there was beset by incredible stomach pain. Having eaten very little throughout the day (and what was consumed was strictly Gluten Free!), I was a little put out. Needless to say the walk home was very unpleasant, thankfully the Forger was on hand to help, and the little ones were great πŸ˜‰
Once home I cosseted myself in the bathroom for the inevitable unpleasantness. Now this next bit may not be suitable for those of a delicate nature, as in going to talk rather frankly about stuff, you’ve been warned. I’m pleased to report that it isn’t any of my usual digestive discrepancies that causing this bout of nastiness. The reason I can state this is those of familiar and sadly intimate with the output of our faulty digestion can tell by the feel, consistency and smell what the issue is likely to be. A common stomach bug output is very different to that from a usual food allergy output. I’m definitely afflicted with a common stomach bug at the moment. Needless to say that means I’ve spent a lot of the evening enthroned in the bathroom – boo πŸ™‚
In happier news, Aiden spent the day on a school trip enjoying a Victorian Christmas, he was very well behaved and had a great time, so here’s a picture of him in his costume πŸ˜‰

Odi et amo………..Excrucior

Stay Slinky People,