Yay the little ones are here, this is awesome, especially as the 3 of us are having an early Christmas tomorrow. I haven’t gone mad with their presents, in fact there’s 1 big present between then and then a smaller 1 each, however I’m confident they will be overwhelmed by them 😉
Sadly there was a little glitch this morning, I figured as much when they didn’t arrive here until later than usual. Sure enough Paige outlined the issue, Aiden didn’t want to come here and then started saying that I strangle him. This is soooooo worrying, obviously I don’t do that! But it’s concerning that he feels the need to make up such things. Now I suspect one of the fundamental reasons for this us that he has his own personal IPad at his other home. And he spends a lot of time on it. Wen here we have to go out and have adventures and stuff – which he really enjoys.
So we’ve had a long serious talk (I don’t know if it’s worked or not though). And I also said that originally I was going to let them open their big present today, however in light of that bad behaviour (making up nasty lies) the presents are waiting until tomorrow.
I should point out that Paige couldn’t wait to come and see me today.
Anyway we had a quick walk and laugh down to the shops, and then had a fairly lazy day (I’m suffering the fallout of the minor poisoning from the weekend still, definitely a Gluten issue this time).
Well that’s about it, I’ll be cooking a big Xmas dinner for myself and Paige tomorrow – Yay! 😉

Odi et amo………..Excrucior

Stay Slinky People,